I’ve been designing websites intentionally for a just a couple of years now, and my wife said it was about time to get my name on one. She’s smart. So, welcome to jaredrendell.com. After I redesigned her blog and migrated it from Blogger to WordPress, I realized that I had been needing a creative outlet.

I really like my day job. Its for a big financial company. Anyone who knows me would have put working for a financial company at the bottom of the list of places I would probably work someday. I hate money. So, now my job is helping people be smarter with it through a couple of creative initatives. I don’t think it will be my forever job, but I can’t tell you enough how valuable all the professional development I am getting. Its going to make all the difference for whatever God has planned next. So, while I like that job and get to do a lot of different things. There was creative lean that I had apparently been subconsciously longing for, and finding small ways to exercise.

I believe in visual simplicity and clarity in design and content, purposeful leading toward what we want those experiencing our sites to feel/think/do, and that often less is more. I should really take those concepts and apply them to the rest of life, huh.

Blessings, thanks for stopping by. Explore my site and let me know if you or your friends or you company or your church or your organization would like to go on an adventure and start something new, or redesign something tired.

Jared, Website Outfitter