Blogger to WordPress Migration

Time to Migrate?

Feeling like its time to move from your Blogger blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog? That’s great! You’ve probably already checked out all the pros and cons. If not, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss.

[col2]The overall goals of this move will be: [list style=”style1″] [li]A new, more flexible platform for your posts[/li] [li]Not losing any of your content[/li] [li]Not losing any of your traffic[/li] [/list][/col2]
[col2_last]A migration from Blogger to WordPress will include:[list style=”style2″][li]Migrating all posts and comments[/li][li]Importing pages[/li][li]Redirecting the Blogger blog and traffic[/li][/list][/col2_last][/col_wrapper]



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Are you having me design your new wordpress blog? You can find that info here. If you are, its just an extra $50 for the migration.


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Taking care of the new design yourself? That’s great too. I’ll get things moved over for you.



Get Started

Let’s start by filling out the form below. Happy blogging!

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