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[toggle title=”How I Design”][toggleitem title=”Wordpress”]Wordpress is simply the most intuitive, user friendly, malleable website platform. It will be around for a long time, has great community support, and is well taken care of. WordPress is the brains of the operation. More info at[/toggleitem][toggleitem title=”Divi”]Divi is a theme and framework from It is one of the most versatile themes available in terms of design options, comes with a great visual page builder, and integrates well with social and digital communication platforms.[/toggleitem][toggleitem title=”Plugins”]We’ll work together to define key design and functionality on your site and install the best plugins around to make those things happen without slowing down your site.[/toggleitem][/toggle][/col2][col2_last]


[toggle title=”How I Coach”][toggleitem title=”Experientially”]I believe you’ve got to dig in to really learn how to make your site work for you. So, I don’t do all the work for you. I ask a lot of questions and help you experiment, explore, and execute your vision for your site.[/toggleitem][toggleitem title=”Truthfully”]I’ll tell you the truth about what it will take to make your site great including the amount of work, current and future costs, and help make sure there is a plan for sustainability into the future.[/toggleitem][toggleitem title=”Joyfully”]Website design is really fun for me. Here’s hoping your excited,. because that’s the plan – to have a good time, do a lot of experimenting, and think outside the box.[/toggleitem][/toggle]



Web Design & Coaching Packages

Divi Theme Install
Custom Header
Basic Plugins
Basic Widgets
Social Media Icons
Blog Button
Up to 6 Pages
2 Hours Coaching
Subscribe Form
Divi Theme Install
Custom Header
Basic+ Plugins
Basic+ Widgets
Social Media Icons
12 Hours Coaching
Custom Favicon
Contact Form
Subscribe Form
Google Web Fonts
Custom via Theme
Custom Header
Premium Plugins
Premium Widgets
Custom SM Icons
Complete Pages
20 Hours Coaching
Custom Favicon
Custom Forms
Custom Graphics
Google Web Fonts
Image Galleries
Feed Setup
SEO & Authorship
Online Store